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Our Story

As any entrepreneur knows, building a successful business is not an easy job.

We have seen in our business, as with many of our clients, the difficulties to overcome in order to succeed.

One of these challenges is the way marketing and sales activities have changed in recent times. In most cases traditional processes have been turned upside-down. New competing business models, emerging media platforms and changing customer habits have sent many businesses into a wild tail spin.

Since the customer is key to success, we knew we had to align our marketing with the 'customer journey' i.e. the customer purchasing process. We also understood that whoever best meets the customer needs throughout this process is most likely to succeed.

But how to do that effectively was a challenge.

Our own search for a better marketing solution lead us to Marketing Automation & CRM. The technology has enabled us to identify and automate the key repeatable marketing processes. It has given us the tools to systemise our marketing and sales, and build a reliable business.